О проекте
Anton Pankov, also known by his stage name Wash My Cat is ukranian electronic dance music producer from Dnipropetrovsk. The project started out as a hobby in early 2010 when he decided to leave all the local bands where he was playing and create his own music.

Originally Anton was bass player and vocalist in several local alternative metal bands, but very soon he came up with idea of creating his own project. First tracks “NTNDeaD” and “The Shockwave” were released in February 2010 via social networks. NTNDeaD is a rough guitar-based track with catchy riffs performed on synthesizers. The Shockwave can be classified as aggrotech or progressive house with abundant inclusions of glitch effects. These two tracks were followed-up by controversial one called “Milkman Just Wanted To Save His Ass” released in summer 2010. Main tune of the song reminds soundtrack to some old-school horror movie played on 8-bit console. Three mentioned tracks formed “Dirty Demos EP” released via official site which was opened on February 4, 2011.
All of the subsequent tracks writen during 2010-2011 formed “Wash My Cat Demos 2010-2011” released on October 29, 2011 again via official website.

Wash My Cat’s current musical style consists of a fusion of different electronic, rock and heavy metal genres.
Wash My Cat is currently working on new material and creating it’s unique sound and style.
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В Kroogi с 08 декабря 2011
washmycat пока одинок(а). Станьте ближе!